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About Us
It's amazing how the phenomenon of blogging has exploded into popular culture. And, as the popularity of blogs grows by leaps and bounds, it has become virtually impossible to get a handle on which blogs do a good job of covering any single topic. Finding a good-quality blog is like finding a needle in a haystack.

That's where we enter the picture.

This site is our attempt to make sense of the Blogosphere. Not only do we aggregate blog entries from a wide variety of bloggers, but we also enable the audience to vote on their favorite posts. By analyzing the votes of confidence of our readers, it becomes apparent which blogs shine.

Benefit to readers: We provide a starting point for your online adventure. We bring to your attention new blog destinations that take you off your beaten path and lead you to amazing discoveries.

Benefit to Bloggers: We increase traffic to your blog by introducing new visitors who are specifically interested in the topics you write about. We increase your blog's search-engine rankings by providing links to your site. We increase general awareness of your blog among the community of readers and fellow-bloggers, many of whom are likely to provide further links to your site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How do we decide which blogs to include in our service?
We have no particular policy, other than trying to avoid blogs that promote hate, illegal activities, adult content, etc. But we cannot guarantee that we will be 100% successful at our attempts to avoid such content. We rely on our readers to report content that is clearly inappropriate, but we cannot promise that we can act on those reports as quickly as some readers would like.

2) How do we get the content from blogs?
We only provide content that the respective blog owners specifically put on a syndication feed on their sites or on a syndication service. The blog owners control exactly which content and how much of it they place into their syndication feeds. We have no control over the content that blog owners provide. They alone control the syndication of their content, and they maintain all rights to their content. However, we only publish a limited number of words per post, which we use for purposes of discussion.

3) Do we agree with the opinions expressed in the blogs we aggregate?
Not necessarily, and even if we do, our display of blog content does not imply any endorsement of any blogger's opinions.

4) If I disagree with the content of a particular blog entry, whom should I notify?
Please make your position known to the original blog publisher, in the comment area that usually appears below the blog entry on the original site. Please do not write to us if you disagree with a particular blogger's opinion, even if their opinion is highly offensive to you. We do not write the blog entries and we are not responsible for them in any way, shape, or form.

5) How to contact us
You may use the Web form provided through this Link.

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