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Oblate Spheroid: Anywhere Grid-Less Hosteling For One With Ecocapsule
Ecocapsule is smart house powered purely by the solar and wind energy. It allows people to reachthe frontiers with the luxury of the hotel room. It can serve as micro-house, cottage, pop-up hotelor even as charging station for electromobiles. Image Credit...
Dateline: 2015-07-26 4:31am -07:00T (695 words)
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Oblate Spheroid: Waving Wind Sticks Can Replace Windmills
Sticks planted in the ground get moved by the wind where the movement is captured and converted to electricity. Image Credit: Vortex Bladeless (2015)Waving Wind Sticks Can Replace WindmillsThere is a new wind energy capture technology in town and it deser...
Dateline: 2015-07-13 11:46am -07:00T (563 words)
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Oblate Spheroid: Progressive Water Resource Management Gone Wild
Mt. Tabor Reservoir. Image Credit: File Photo The OregonianProgressive Water Resource Management Gone WildHere in California, the Delta Smelt, a non-indigenous (imported) fish, is given grand reverence over the human need to grow and harvest food for ...
Dateline: 2015-07-13 8:03am -07:00T (887 words)
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