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Seoul Buffoon: Traditional Winter Food
A variety of seasonal snacks and foods are available in Korea during the biting cold winter season. They include the savory and sweet winter street snacks like bungeoppang, hotteok, baked sweet potatoes, and hoppang, along with the traditional winter dish...
Dateline: 2014-04-20 4:33am -07:00T (712 words)
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Seoul Buffoon: Dog Eating in Korea and the Western Obsession
I am increasingly getting sick and tired of people who make a noise about dog-meat soup, whenever there is a major global event in South Korea. As this news article notes:Animal rights activists from around the world are calling for the boycott of Septemb...
Dateline: 2014-04-13 4:33am -07:00T (397 words)
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Seoul Buffoon: Food for Thought: Free download of book on food industry
As is my principle, I DO NOT appreciate the traditional publishing houses ripping off authors. So to make a point, I have always released my books for FREE, only in digital formats. You could say I never got publishers, so this is a face-saving exercise.W...
Dateline: 2014-04-06 4:33am -07:00T (209 words)
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