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Coding Horror: What is Trolling?
If you engage in discussion on the Internet long enough, you're bound to encounter it: someone calling someone else a troll. The common interpretation of Troll is the Grimms' Fairy Tales, Lord of the Rings, "hangs out under a bridge" type of troll.Thus, a...
Dateline: 2015-07-05 4:30am -07:00T (865 words)
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Coding Horror: Your Password is Too Damn Short
I'm a little tired of writing about passwords. But like taxes, email, and pinkeye, they're not going away any time soon. Here's what I know to be true, and backed up by plenty of empirical data: No matter what you tell them, users will always choose simpl...
Dateline: 2015-06-28 4:30am -07:00T (1227 words)
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Coding Horror: Given Enough Money, All Bugs Are Shallow
Eric Raymond, in The Cathedral and the Bazaar, famously wrote Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow. The idea is that open source software, by virtue of allowing anyone and everyone to view the source code, is inherently less buggy than closed sou...
Dateline: 2015-06-08 8:00am -07:00T (1904 words)
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