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University Hacks: I Left My Heart in San Francisco
And it’s true, whenever I get on a plane to leave San Francisco, I always feel like I’ve left a little something behind. It’s the the kind of city that really gets under your skin, but in the best possible way. And I suppose I’m dr...
Dateline: 2014-04-13 4:24am -07:00T (608 words)
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University Hacks: How To Make Bomb Cheap Trail Mix
Hey there hackers! Super jazzed to be here today with you, checking in from the UniHacks mobile headquarters which happens to be in Denver, Colorado for the next week or so (then we travel to a farm where UniHacks is sure to get a little Old McDonald flav...
Dateline: 2014-03-24 6:18am -07:00T (462 words)
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University Hacks: Weekender in Vancouver
Here in North America, most of us are seriously lacking in the vacation department. On average, most of us get about 10 days in a whole year for vacation. Most of my young working life, I too was a slave to the assigned two weeks of holidays. What that ge...
Dateline: 2014-03-02 4:22am -08:00T (609 words)
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