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BlogoWogo introduces your blog to a new readership and provides feedback on each of your entries. Each new blog entry will automatically receive a link from here within about 15 minutes of the time you post it on your blog. The key to benefitting from BlogoWogo is understanding the rating system for blog entries and sources.

How the Rating System Works

New blog entries are posted on the front page. Readers and blog owners are invited to read, then rate each entry. A 'rating' is a vote of confidence.

An average rating for each entry is calculated as follows: Total score divided by the total number of votes. For example, if one reader rates an entry a '4', and another reader rates that entry a '1', then the average rating is 2.5.

A total score is calculated as the sum of all ratings for that entry. For example, if one reader rates an entry a '4' and another rates that same entry a '2', then the total score is 6.

It's that simple.

We also take the cumulative data for all entries for a particular source and calculate an overall average rating for that source. By 'source' we mean blog or news feed.

Ratings range from 0 to 5 stars. Zero is worst, five is best. Each reader may vote once a day for any particualr article and may rate as many articles as s/he wishes to read.

Which entries get displayed prominently on the front page?

The front page gives prominence to the entries that have the highest total score.

How can I increase my blog's ratings?

1. The best way, of course, is to produce content that readers will enjoy reading.

2. After uploading a new entry on your blog, come here and vote on it.

3. Invite your blog readers to vote on your entries. Add a link following your posts, where you would place keyword tags, or link to Technorati, etc. The best way to create a link is to find the page URL of your blog entry, and link to it directly. This is the most effective way to quickly raise the level of interest in your entry. For Example:

Rate Me on Blogowogo

The code for the example above:
<a href=''>Rate Me on Blogowogo</a>

Of course, you can make the link and the code as fancy as you like, depending on your knowledge of HTML. This is just a simple (and effective) example.

Is there an error in your blog's listing, or do you need to contact us for some other reason?

Contact us here.

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