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Rate It Stories: Retweeting Pirates in the Redlight District
The most retweeted silly status updates for the past few months from @tracyyoungtv: I was on a date & went through a red light camera. I received a letter in the mail, saying that she’s too good for me.3:56 PM May 8th from web I’m...
Dateline: 2014-11-23 4:33am -08:00T (5436 words)
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Rate It Stories: Forget the Valleys, I Want Green Pastures!
“Tracy Young, a man enjoying his life, now barely alive. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to perform a lot of surgeries and to pray for him. We can make him better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster. We w...
Dateline: 2014-10-07 3:33pm -07:00T (997 words)
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Rate It Stories: Don’t Give Me Christian Jargon
I did NOT hear the following Christian jagon in the hospital from my friends & family: “Don’t worry about your pain, God has a plan.” “God will make a way out of no way.” “When God puts you on hold, don’t hang up....
Dateline: 2014-09-28 4:32am -07:00T (245 words)
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