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Clivia's Cuisine: Its all Denmarks fault
You must think I am crazy or something, a hiatus again. But this time I have a better excuse than just lacking inspiration; just a few weeks ago A came home from work (a certain Swedish telecom company) and said that they wanted him to work in Denmark for...
Dateline: 2015-03-08 4:31am -07:00T (325 words)
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Clivia's Cuisine: Japanese surprises from San Fransisco!
It was such a long time since I participated in a BBM exchange, almost two years! And I almost missed this one too - if not the lovely Stephanie had let me in at the last minute...what a stroke of luck!Anyway, on Mondays I am out with the other mums takin...
Dateline: 2015-02-15 4:33pm -08:00T (717 words)
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Clivia's Cuisine: Giving Denmark credit
I really feel I have to give Denmark some credit, now when I am since long home again and recovered from the yellow onion shock! We returned home for Christmas, spent at my parents in southern Sweden and then A got back to Aarhus on January 6th to conti...
Dateline: 2015-02-15 4:33pm -08:00T (889 words)
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