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Latest Entries from Blogging Baghdad
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Blogging Baghdad: Soldiers in Iraq respond to Bush's plan
VIDEO: U.S. and Iraqi soldiers respond to President Bush's call for a surge of more troops in Iraq. NBC News' Richard Engel reports from Iraq. ...
Dateline: 2016-01-17 4:30am -08:00T (26 words)
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Blogging Baghdad: Problems persist, even out of Iraq
The dangers are repeatedly mentioned. Iraqis working for Western organizations here face extreme risk of being abducted and murdered. They also cope with the daily unpredictability of getting to work in a city rife with suicide bombings, roadside bombs, m...
Dateline: 2016-01-17 4:30am -08:00T (380 words)
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Blogging Baghdad: Go to World Blog
Please go to the World Blog to read more from NBC correspondents in Iraq and around the world. The new blog will feature the best NBC correspondents and producers from the Mideast region and elsewhere, offering unique insights and analysis on breaking new...
Dateline: 2016-01-17 4:30am -08:00T (162 words)
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