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Christian Peacenik: Some Thoughts on the Newtown Shooting and Gun Control
Our 300 Million Guns Aren’t Making Us Safer Ezra Klein points out that “[m]ore guns tend to mean more homicide.” The Harvard Injury Control Research Center, he writes, has “assessed the literature on guns and homicide and found that the...
Dateline: 2014-11-02 4:36am -08:00T (1716 words)
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Christian Peacenik: Some Things to Consider Before Buying a Gun (An Open Letter to a Friend)
So I hear you’re arming up. I have to admit that I’m surprised. You’ve always struck me as something of a hippy. And I mean that as a compliment. I’ve always seen you as a Jesus-loving, pot-smoking (yes, I know you’ve been tryin...
Dateline: 2014-11-02 4:36am -08:00T (933 words)
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Christian Peacenik: The Gun Debate Is Not About Disarming 'Good Guys'
Since the Newtown shooting, many individuals, liberal and otherwise, have argued for stricter gun laws. These individuals, at least the ones of whom I’m aware, have not argued that we need to ban all guns. Rather they’ve argued that we need mo...
Dateline: 2014-11-02 4:36am -08:00T (1058 words)
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