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Rate It Life After the Software Problem
The date is July 15th, 2025. It is the exact 10th anniversary of Michael David Crawford solving the software problem. Location: Crawfordville. In Crawford County. On the top floor of the Crawford International Headquarters. "Ignorant motherfuckers!" S...
Dateline: 2015-03-01 4:30am -08:00T (48 words)
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Rate It Who Are Your Lifelines?
A Cautionary Tale One night I woke around 2:30am, slightly disoriented. I was sitting on the couch, the TV was on. After a moment I remembered having started watching a movie. Then my phone rang. The recorded message announced that somebody was calling f...
Dateline: 2015-01-28 12:31pm -08:00T (195 words)
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